Bill Belichick roasted for gameday outfit: ‘Looks like grandma going to aerobics’

Bill Belichick roasted for gameday outfit: ‘Looks like grandma going to aerobics’

Bill Belichick epitomised dress-down day on Sunday after showing up to work wearing an outfit that has since been described as a “grandma going to aerobics.”

The New England Patriots head coach, who has made nine trips to the Super Bowl and won six championships, was spotted wearing a Patriots sweatshirt, sweatpants rolled up for no apparent reason, complete with white socks and trainers. One Twitter user joked, “This hood alone is giving me anxiety”, after noting it was resting on his shoulder.

Inevitably, Twitter did its thing and roasted the 90’s-inspired ensemble as he entered the Bank of America Stadium before New England’s 24-6 win over the Panthers. “This can’t be unseen,” one written, while another candidly tweeted “, That’s how I look every Sunday”.

One user highlighted the navy and grey fit giving off an unfortunate optical illusion, “Dude. The color scheme… I initially thought he had those sweat pants pulled up to his chest…”

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While another joked, “Adjusting to daylight savings time like:”

“When you win that much, you can wear whatever you want,” another added.

This isn’t the first time Belichick has donned a questionable fit that garnered social media attention. During a press conference after his squad’s Week 2 loss to the Seahawks, the head coach sported his trusty sweatshirt, which appeared to have several holes around the neckline.

“Keeping it real, every man has at least one, wornout sweatshirt/t-shirt he loves&refuses to get rid of that is a source of conflict w/wives girlfriends”, one tweet read.

One Twitter user joked, “I will always love that the GOAT head coach looks like he was raised by wolves,” while another humoured, “Someone participated in tequila Tuesday”. 

Comfort is key, after all.

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