Billie Eilish says she lost ‘100,000 followers’ on Instagram because of her boobs

Billie Eilish says she lost ‘100,000 followers’ on Instagram because of her boobs

Billie Eilish revealed that she lost a staggering 100,000 followers on Instagram after posting a photo in a corset – and it was “because of the boobs.”

In a new interview with Elle, the 19-year-old opened up about not caring about people’s opinions on her hair, clothes or sexuality.

The ‘Bad Guy’ singer experimented with her style in the run-up to her number one debut album, Happier Than Ever, where she ditched her green locks and signature oversized streetwear. Taking to her 92 million followers on Instagram, Eilish uploaded a photo wearing a Miaou tomato-print corset with a lace bra – to which she received some harsh and uncalled for criticism.

Some trolls branded Eilish “disingenuous” and “cringy asf”, while another commented: “The industry really changed you huh smh.”

The image led to over 100,000 people unfollowing the singer’s Instagram account.

“I lost 100,000 followers, just because of the boobs,” Eilish tells the magazine. “People are scared of big boobs.”

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Speaking about her attachment to her previous styles and the reaction to the corset image, she told the publication that it’s dehumanizing.

“People hold on to these memories and have an attachment. But it’s very dehumanizing”, she said.

Madonna has since jumped to Eilish’s defence and said: “The problem is, we still live in a very sexist world where women are put into categories,”

“You’re either in the virgin category or the whore category.

“Billie started off in a non-sexualized category, not pandering to the masses and not using her sexuality in any way, which is her choice and God bless her for that—after all, she’s been a teenager all this time.

“[But] if she wants to turn around and take photographs where she is portrayed as a feminine woman, showing her body in a way that she hasn’t in the past, then why should she be punished for it?

Women should be able to portray themselves in any way they want.

“If Billie were a man, no one would be writing about this. A man can show up dressed in a suit and tie for the first three years of his career, and then the next month, he could be dressed like Prince or Mick Jagger, shirt off, wearing eyeliner, and no one would say a word.”

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