Viral TikTok roasted for advertising luxury Billionaire’s Row apartment for ‘just $22m’

Viral TikTok roasted for advertising luxury Billionaire’s Row apartment for ‘just $22m’

A viral TikTok showing off a huge apartment on Billionaire’s Row in Manhattan has been mocked after the broker bragged that it cost ‘just $22 million.’

The video from Nicole Gary has been viewed more than 3.4 million times and sees her showing off the piece of luxury real estate which features stunning views over Central Park and New York City.

That’s all well and good and just another example of the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. We doubt anyone would have batted an eyelid at the video, as apart from the views it's a rather generic and uninspiring flat, unless that’s the sort of lifestyle that you strive for.


However, it’s how Gary decided to caption the video which has gotten so many people in a huff. She wrote: ‘What you can get for just $22m on billionaire’s row.’

Gary deals in luxury real estate, so we won’t for a minute suggest that she owns this apartment but people were flabbergasted and just how casual the price tag was dropped as if it is an attainable sum of money.

One person wrote: “It’s the ‘just 22 million’ for me.”

Another said: “Glad it’s so cheap.”

A third added: “22 million for something without a backyard.”

A fourth person said: “I’m sorry but what type of job do you have to have where you can say ‘just £22m.’”


In a twist to the tale, according to Realtor this exact apartment sold for just over $19 million which is obviously short of the $22m that Gary claimed it was going for.

Still, we doubt if Gary would have said ‘just $19m’ would have made the reaction any better.

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