The most awkward video yet of Donald Trump and Melania has emerged

The most awkward video yet of Donald Trump and Melania has emerged

Most of us at least pretend to be in love with our partners in public, even if we're not.

But it seems Melania Trump has no such interest in faking a smile or even holding her husband’s hand, as she proved recently in an awkward ‘pinky dance’ exchange captured on camera.

Inevitably, the video has since gone viral.

But he has at least shown chemistry with someone this week:with French President Emmanuel Macron, who has spent a three-day state visit being wined and dined. The duo also bonded through a wholesome White House tree-planting session and even exchanged a cursory European double-kiss – although Trump looked expectedly awkward then, too.

In fact, they got so close that Trump even felt comfortable brushing a speck of "dandruff" from Macron’s suit, joking:

We have a very special relationship. In fact, I’ll get that little piece of dandruff off.

We have to make him perfect – he is perfect.

But behind the contrived bromance and weird power moves are a series of vital discussions. A “new nuclear deal” has been proposed as an alternative to the one Trump had threatened to pull out of, whereas discussions of ongoing military intervention in Syria have made little progress.

It’s likely been a stressful week for the US President, but at least someone was on hand to give him a kiss.

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