Watch the trailer for Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge's UFO conspiracy film

Watch the trailer for Blink 182 member Tom DeLonge's UFO conspiracy film
Monsters Of California - Official Trailer

Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge has long been a vocal believer in aliens, government cover-ups around UFOs and the paranormal.

Now, he has directed a feature film which deals with subject, and which gives a not-so-subtle nod to his own worldview of extraterrestrial life.

The film, Monsters of California, centres around a group of high school misfits in America, who discover research left behind by a missing government agent.

They embark on a “dangerous adventure to uncover a paranormal conspiracy in Southern California that brings them face-to-face with some of the government's most guarded mysteries”.

It comes as UFO hysteria hit fever pitch this year, with multiple high-profile investigations into reports of potential alien activity by the US government.

The first was a US Congressional hearing into unidentified anomalous phenomena which took place over the summer.

The second was a NASA report into the subject, which culminated in a press conference last week, where the agency’s boss Bill Nelson admitted that he believed there were aliens somewhere in the universe.

DeLonge said: "The film takes my fascination with the unexplained, combines it with the skate culture I grew up a part of, and tosses in my ridiculous sense of humour that millions got to witness during my Blink-182 days.

“In recent years, I’ve had the good fortune of helping the government remember how much they care about UFOs through the work we do at To The Stars, and it's that experience which helped inspire this movie. I can't wait for audiences to see the f****d up fun adventure these kids go on.”

DeLonge’s film is set for a 6 October release.

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