Boots and Deliveroo announce deal that sees makeup delivered to your door

For most Brits, the high street store Boots is your one-stop shop for all your cosmetic and medical needs.

You can also pick up a bargain of a meal deal for lunch too.

In all honesty we probably take it for granted but for one American tourist it is the "greatest wonder of the anglophone world"

That's exactly what Brandon, from Prattville, Alabama wrote about the popular pharmacy on Twitter during a recent trip to London.

Others flocked to label it the "best drug store on earth".

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Sharing his love for the pharmacy to his 92k followers, Brandon said: "The greatest revelation of the London trip so far has been Boots.

"What a great store. Truly 10/10. Greatest wonder of the anglophone world."

Since tweeting his love for boots, Brandon has received hundreds of replies from people wanting to share their love for the high street shop.

One Twitter user said: "Boots is magnificent. I once read that Renee Zellwegger became enamoured when filming Bridget Jones and would ask her driver to take her straight to Boots as soon as she landed in London."

Another tweeter responded by saying: "You didn't get there in time to appreciate the chaos that was Woolworths."

One Boots superfan said: "Honestly, every time I come home from abroad, Boots is the thing that warms my heart the most.

"Fancy a meal deal, some photo prints and an eyeliner?"

One user said he misses the UK retailer more than he misses the pub, he said: "Boots is quite possibly the thing I miss the most about living overseas, maybe even more than pubs."

One confused twitter user asked: "Literally what are you talking about, they don't even SELL boots (do they sell boots? unclear).

"If you want to bring language into it, this is a massive semiotic flaw."

A future UK tourist said: "Yes yes yes, one store I am guaranteed to visit on any return to the UK, especially for E45 and Brylcreem."

Another Twitter user hailed Boots as being the best thing England has produced, he said: "Boots and M&S are the greatest things England has produced."

One user was left confused by the American national's fascination with the shop, they said: "This thread is truly bizarre. Americans rating Boots so highly. I mean it’s great but, what?"

While another said: "I'm not proud to admit that I think about how much I miss Boots more than I think about some of my nearest and dearest."

After years of political turmoil in the US, one user said: "Having Boots in the US would heal the soul of our nation."

Giving Brandon another suggestion for his next visit, one Brit said: "Tell me you've never been to B&M without telling me you've never been to B&M."

Helping his American friends understand Boots, one user added: "To explain Boots to the unknowing - you know how Amazon sells a bit of everything, but started as a bookstore? Imagine that, but it's a physical store and it started as a chemist."

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