Photo of Boris Johnson in rowing boat becomes instant meme

Boris Johnson offers military support to Sweden

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Sweden this week to discuss security and while there, a photo of Johnson rowing Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson in a boat was captured sparking memes on the internet.

Johnson, 57, joined Andersson, 55, for a short ride in a Harpsundsekan boat on a lake. It is a tradition amongst the Swedish Prime Minister that visiting leaders go for a short boat ride.

Photos of the boat ride show Johnson wearing his full suit with no life jacket on, beginning to row Andersson, who was wearing a life jacket, across the lake.

In true internet fashion, people began creating memes surrounding the seemingly awkward boat ride.

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Many of the memes and jokes alluded to the slightly fearful look Andersson seems to have in her eyes as Johnson begins rowing.

"She is a brave woman expecting Johnson to captain a whole row boat by himself," Peter wrote on Twitter.

"Hands up if you’d get in a row boat with Boris Johnson," Mikey said.

"I’d have also worn a life jacket if I was in a rowing boat with you, [Boris Johnson]" Rower Jack Beaumont wrote.

"Wherever he goes he creates memes. This man is an international meme treasure," Dennis wrote on Twitter.

"More seaworthy than most of Russian Navy," a Twitter user said.

Johnson met with Andersson to discuss Sweden's potential application to NATO. The UK Prime Minister also signed a security assurance deal that says if Sweden is attacked the UK will help defend the country.

"This is an agreement that enshrines the values that both Sweden and the UK hold dear, and which we will not hesitate to defend and, as you put it so well Magdalena, when we were out on the lake – we are now literally and metaphorically in the same boat," Johnson said in his remarks.

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