Boris Johnson sacks Michael Gove and vows to stay in No 10 ...

The UK was plunged into political chaos on Wednesday as Boris Johnson refused to relinquish power despite more than 50 Tory MPs resigning on the prime minister and numerous others saying that they have no confidence in the PM.

Johnson was thrown from pillar to post on Wednesday when he was mercilessly grilled by Keir Starmer in PMQs and shortly after had to listen to a speech from his former health secretary Sajid Javid over why he had quit the government on Tuesday.

If that wasn't enough he then had to face a liaison committee meeting about the growing scandals surrounding him and then when he got back to Downing Street was greeted by a group of MPs which reportedly featured Priti Patel and his brand new chancellor Nadhim Zahawi who tried to convince him to leave.

However, the PM stood firm and refused to leave his position, vowing that he has a mandate from the British people thanks to the overwhelming majority he received from the British public in 2019. This all now begs the question: 'what next?' There doesn't appear to be enough support from his MPs to fill the many roles that now exist in his cabinet, especially after he sacked Michael Gove.

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While we wait and see what comes next from Westminster, we can at least enjoy the memes, of which there are plenty. Here are some of our favourites just from Wednesday alone.

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