We think Boris Johnson might not be totally engaged with the whole London mayor thing

The London mayoral elections will not take place until May 2016, but we think Boris Johnson's laser focus on the job might be starting to wane already.

Boris, the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since May, suffered an embarrassing defeat in the Commons yesterday when home secretary (and future Conservative Party leadership rival) Theresa May ruled water cannon he had bought for £200,000 could not be used.

It might have been playing on his mind when he conducted his regular #askboris Twitter Q&A today, with the questions he chose to answer, and the answers themselves, even more rogue than usual.

It got off to a good start.

But got a bit weird.

Very weird actually.


At this point we think he remembered he had already handed in his notice.

He started to focus on the big issues again briefly...

But then this happened.


Just ten more months of this, London.

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