Boston Celtics tattoo goes viral after NBA championship defeat

Boston Celtics tattoo goes viral after NBA championship defeat
Man gets favourite trainers tattooed on his feet

A man who got a Boston Celtics champions tattoo has gone viral after the team lost the NBA title in the finals.

The east coast basketball team made it to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010, and one fan felt so strongly that his team would win it that he got a tattoo declaring them champions before the final games had even begun.

In March, 18-year-old Jack Bienvenue got a surprisingly large tattoo on his left upper arm that read: “Boston Celtics, NBA, 2022 World Champions.”

He explained to ESPN: “It seemed like we were finally getting the pieces together. We were finally putting the puzzle together, and I thought it seemed like [a title] was destined to happen.”

But, rather unfortunately for Bienvenue, the Celtics were beaten by the favourite, Golden State Warriors, who took the NBA Championship last night for the fourth time in eight years.

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With the Celtics' loss, other basketball fans couldn’t help but think of the teen who may now have to live with the tattoo forever.

People expressed their concern on social media, with one Twitter user writing: “Someone check up on the guy with the Celtics 2022 championship tattoo.”

Another joked: “That dude with the Celtics championship tattoo gotta be buying at least 15 to 20 long sleeves and hoodies right now.”

Someone else said: “That dude with the ‘BOSTON CELTICS 2022 WORLD CHAMPIONS’ tattoo must be sick right now wherever he is.”

One person suggested: “If you're having a bad day, just remember this guy got a Boston Celtics 2022 World Championship Tattoo 💀Carry On!”

“Someone start a gofundme for this Celtics fans tattoo removal,” another person said.

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