The bottle cap challenge has become the latest bizarre viral trend

The bottle cap challenge has become the latest bizarre viral trend

Viral challenges come and go like the changing of the seasons but seemingly everyone gets wrapped up in them.

From ice buckets to Matilda to Neymar and tide pods these challenges are often either hilarious or ill-advised but most people can do them.

However, the latest trend doesn't look like everyone could give it a go let alone pull it off.

The #BottleCapChallenge has gone viral in the past few days after Hollywood action star Jason Statham posted a video on Instagram of himself effortlessly removing a bottle top with a single kick.

At first glance, the cynics amongst us would probably try and claim that this is some sort of video trickery but it would appear to be legit as anyone who is anyone is pulling off the same stunt.

Take a look for yourself and some of the other efforts doing the rounds on the internet.

John Mayer

Aleister Black

Guy Ritchie

Max Holloway

Conor McGregor

Ellie Goulding

Cung Le

Akshay Kumar

Donnie Yen did it with a blindfold on.

However, not everyone seems to have gotten to grips with it.

What is this???

The reason that we say that this might not be for everyone is that between me and you, getting out of bed is about the level of exercise and flexibility I like to perform on a daily basis so a roundhouse kick is out of the question.

That being said if Diplo managed to pull it off with this effort then just about anyone can.

However, we don't think that anyone is going to top this which gets 10 out of 10 for coolness.

Oh...and if you are going to give it a go make sure you use a spin top and not a metal one and you know... avoid glass bottles. Don't want anyone's feet getting slashed open.

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