Woman donates her kidney to boyfriend before discovering he cheated on her

A man exposed himself as a cheat on live radio – while his girlfriend was on the other line.

The anonymous girlfriend, who suspected her partner was seeing someone from work, turned to Sharyn and Jayden on the New Zealand radio station, The Edge.

Radio host Sharyn said she had an idea and proceeded to call the boyfriend-in-question.

She told the man she was a friend of the Other Woman and asked whether he'd be interested in helping plan her surprise birthday party.

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"You guys could go for dinner somewhere nearby, then bring her up at 8pm," Sharyn suggested, which he agreed to.

"Cause you guys are official now, like boyfriend/girlfriend, right? So it wouldn't be weird if you take her on a date."

He stumbled before confirming: "I guess you can say we are."

She asked explicitly asked whether he and his colleague were "dating", to which he said: "I guess you could say we are."

Meanwhile, his official girlfriend was on the other line listening in.

Catching a cheater out live on air | The Edgewww.youtube.com

When the man confirmed his affair, Sharyn brutally asked: "When you ask her out on the date, will you put that in your calendar, and will you also put it in your girlfriend's calendar?"

He then changed his tune completely and said she had the wrong person.

Once the call had ended, Sharyn told his emotional girlfriend how sorry she was that she had to hear that and reassured her she had done nothing wrong.

"He is the one that made the mistake; there's nothing wrong with you, and please don't let this stop you from meeting somebody that really deserves your heart because there are so many better people out there for you," she said.

The radio hosts then promised her a big night out "to get over that loser."

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