Woman tricks partner into getting a tattoo after going through his phone – then breaks up with him

Woman tricks partner into getting a tattoo after going through his phone – then breaks up with him
Tattoo artist spells word wrong on woman's chest

A woman appeared to trick her boyfriend into getting a hand tattoo of her artwork after she went through his phone - then she dumped him.

The TikTok video has more than 35,000 views, and begins with the woman in a car with her boyfriend. A dramatic instrumental from HBO's Euphoria plays in the background.

The on-screen text explains the situation, and shows the oblivious man's hand before and after he's tattooed.

"Went through my boyfriend's phone, didn't like what I saw, so I booked him an appointment to get my artwork tattooed. He picked the placement. I'm going to break up with him now," the on-screen caption read, revealing the woman's intentions.

As the video went viral, many people had divided opinions about the woman's motives, with some questioning whether or not she took the situation too far and if she crossed a boundary by going through her boyfriend's phone in the first place.


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"Why not just leave him instead of ruining his life? So immature grow the f up," one wrote.

"This is seriously sociopathic behavior. Regardless of what [the] guy found on his phone and if it was accidental or not, have some class and just move on," another added.

On the other hand, people did seem supportive of the decision, with one writing: "That's so mean... do it again" while someone else said: "I love to see it."

In a second video, the original poster responded to a comment that found fault with her looking at her boyfriend's phone: "Not defending him, but how about we stop going through people's phones without consent?"

"I gave myself consent," they wrote in the video's caption.

Several other people wanted an update on their relationship, which led to a third video. They said that they and the boyfriend aren't together, and she moved 15 hours away from home for him. However, they still lived together and had the same job, which she admitted was "super awkward."

Indy100 reached out to the TikToker for comment via TikTok comments.

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