All the Twitter accounts Elon Musk has unbanned, from Trump to Andrew …

Brazilian social media influencer Rodrigo América got a tattoo of his idol Elon Musk - on his head.

In a report from Metro, the influencer who hails from Belo Horizonte got the tattoo to seek the tech billionaire’s attention in the hopes he can be sent on his anticipated SpaceX Mars voyage they are seeking to do by 2024.

América, who has over 490,000 followers, said the multi-millionaire Twitter owner is his “inspiration.”

“What he’s doing, what he’s going to do, taking human beings to Mars, his name will go down in history. He is an inspiration to me,” América told local outlets.

The world’s richest man’s name is inked all across his forehead in massive letters. Next to Musk’s name is a rocket.

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América also shared that he had become obsessed with the intergalactic for many years.

Back in 2016, when he was a “prison officer,” he said that he had this thought pop up in his head, which led to his inner voice telling him to “Seek knowledge.”

“After that day, I asked to leave. I didn’t want to work in the system anymore.”

Since then, América has over 10 pieces of ink dedicated to the extraterrestrials on his body.

Elsewhere, América said that he “really “believes in “life on other planets” and that his”20-year-old” daughter is well aware of it.

“She knows that if I go to Mars one day, it will be for the good of humanity,” he said.

Following Musk’s purchase of Twitter less than a month ago, he has made changes and faced criticism from people.

From the Twitter Blue subscription plan verifying fake accounts to employees leaving in droves at the platform’s San Francisco headquarters after rejecting to be a part of “Twitter 2.0.”

He also reinstated former President Donald Trump to the platform.

Elsewhere, former employees of SpaceX are suing the company, alleging that they were fired for sharing an open letter that was in opposition to Musk’s behavior.

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