Bride says she wants to ban child from wedding who ‘has ADHD and is badly behaved’

Bride says she wants to ban child from wedding who ‘has ADHD and is badly behaved’

A bride-to-be took to Mumsnet with a particular and debatable question about her upcoming wedding guest list – which has struck up a mixture of responses.

In a thread titled, ‘To not want a child I haven’t met at my wedding?’, the woman explains that her April wedding is “going to be a child-friendly event” with “lots of kids entertainment”, but admitted that she doesn’t want to invite her cousin’s partner’s daughter who “has ADHD and is not very well behaved” to the event.

She said: “I sent her an invite for Cousin +1 but she now wants to bring this boyfriend AND his daughter, even though the daughter could easily stay home with her mum.

“I feel quite bad saying no but feel like I don’t want a kid who a) I don’t know and b) may be badly behaved?? I’m not anti-ADHD at all, in fact about 6 of the kids coming have ADHD/ autism/ special needs, but the point is we know them and have a relationship with them.”

The original poster (OP) added that she’s not “that close” with her cousin and only sees her at family gatherings.

Mumsnet users were divided. One took to the comments to deconstruct the woman’s question: “‘We love kids’: Do you? What all kids? You don’t seem to like this one and you haven’t even got to know them.”

Another user highlighted that the wedding is seven months away. This would give the bride-to-be plenty of time to get to know them.

“April is what? 7, 8 months away? If the only problem you have is that you don’t know the child, you could always spend a bit of time with your cousin, her partner and his child”, they said.

“Clearly you are anti-adhd like others have said or it wouldn’t have even been mentioned,” another wrote.

But others supported the bride.

“OP you’re getting a hard time on here. I agree with you that YANBU (you are not being unreasonable) to not invite the child of your cousins boyfriend, both of whom you have never met. They are CF to ask. Your mistake on here was to mention ADHD.”

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