Bride slammed for cutting trans sister from her wedding

Bride slammed for cutting trans sister from her wedding

A bride-to-be turned to Reddit for reassurance after uninviting her trans sister from the wedding – and it’s safe to say she didn’t get the response she anticipated.

The Redditor explained how her trans sister came out around a year ago after hiding her identity from their “conservative” family, who are “known to be transphobic.” Her partner also “doesn’t really agree with, or like, [her] sister all that much.”

The revelation led to a “huge fight” and “a ton of people” from the family cutting the sister off.

The user insists she has “been pretty supportive” and has been “using her pronouns and her name and all that”, and even promised her that if she ever got married, her sister will be invited “despite any tension with [their] family.”

That was until the day actually arrived.

The Redditor’s parents hit her with an ultimatum: have the wedding planned and paid for, or have her sister there and they don’t come.

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She opted to have her wedding sorted by the parents and broke the news to her “very understandably upset” sister.

“I’m still inviting her to a smaller afterparty over Zoom so we can still be together on the big day,” she added before asking the forum whether she was in the wrong.

One said she should “DIY the whole thing to spite them,” adding that “a**holes like that don’t need enabling.”

They highlighted: “In ten years, what are you going to remember more - that you had nice centrepieces paid for by your parents, or your sister was banned from the wedding?”

Another accused the Redditor of being just as transphobic as the rest of the family, saying, “It’s just easier and safer to sit back and let others say what they think. Gives the plausible deniability.”

Many more users blasted her “transphobic husband-to-be” and raised some brow-raising questions for the couple’s future.

One user quizzed: “Jumping on this to say, what happens if you have children in the future and they are trans?

“You might want to have some conversations with your future husband about how your life will look if you’re planning on children. Ask questions about them being LGBTQIA.”

Another simply added: “Yta why marry a transphobic guy.”

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