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Wedding days can be an anxious time, and many of us will have a glass or three to calm those nerves.

According to one bride, over doing it on the booze is the worst thing you can do on your wedding day.

Speaking to The Sun, Hollie Syme, a recent bride from Essex, explained she woke up the day after she'd got married, and couldn't remember a thing.

She also had a hangover, her £1,000 dress stank of vomit, and she couldn't find her wedding rings.

According to her new husband Dan, she'd decked it during their first dance, and then had a drunken argument with him in front of their 110 guests.

I woke Dan up and he told me what had happened.

But he didn’t give me a hard time.

We both searched for my ring, which we found under the bed in the hotel suite.

I started worrying about my in-laws — I was so embarrassed to face them.

I had wanted to be a beautiful, classy bride.

Instead, I ended up making a fool of myself.

The rings were found, but Syme wanted to warn other brides not to take those celebratory drinks too far.

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