Main Street in the deadly village of Calverton
Main Street in the deadly village of Calverton

The mystery of a spate of cat deaths in the old mining village of Calverton in Nottinghamshire is being raised in Parliament today by the area’s MP.

There have been 22 reported feline deaths in the last four months. Before they died, the cats acted as if they were drunk, became groggy, lethargic, and excessively thirsty and they vomited and urinated.

Later, their appetites disappeared, and their breaths smelled vile.

What makes this sequence of painful deaths particularly distressing for the cats’ owners is the suspicion that the cats are being deliberately killed.

Someone is using anti-freeze to poison cats deliberately. We can’t prove it because we haven’t had a post mortem, but all the vets seem to think it is poisoning by anti-freeze. All the symptoms point to that.

  • Mark Spencer, Conservative MP speaking to the the i paper
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