Brits are in a tense debate about what the best chocolate bar is

Homemade Cookies and Cream Chocolate

Sweet-toothed Brits have found themselves in a passionate debate about the nation's favourite chocolate.

A viral tweet posted by No Context Brits shared a photo of an array of well-known confectionaries. They prompted the people of Twitter to save just three chocolate bars – and while leftovers in a Christmas Celebration tub may indicate the worse – the favourites might actually shock you.

According to a 2020 study, adults will consume a massive 18,144 chocolate bars, cakes and biscuits in their lifetime.

What's more shocking, Snickers topped the poll as the UK's favourite chocolate bar, beating the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk by a narrow margin.

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Many Brits sought it as an opportunity to slam Cadbury's Dairy Milk for their controversial recipe change.

"People choosing Dairy Milk as their favourite chocolate must be too young to remember when it actually tasted good i.e.before Cadbury sold out," one said.

Another added: "Can I throw them all under the bus and ask for the original Dairy Milk, Wispa and Yorkie recipes to be restored because this oil-based chuff leaves a horrible taste in the mouth."

Others poked fun at some of the less-favoured chocolate bars.

"Anyone who said Bounty needs to be arrested," one humoured, while another added: "I'd say Bounty and p**s off a load of people."

"I can only assume double-deckers are not on here because they are already god tier," another joked.

In other chocolate-related news, M&Ms just got a new rebrand that caused hell to break loose on social media.

The CEO of Mars Wrigley announced that they would be making the beloved chocolate characters more "current" and "representative of our consumer."

While they positioned it as a positive change, the erasure of Green's classic go-go boots for a pair of sneakers did not go down well. In fact, it caused such a backlash that there's even a petition to "give the green M&M her sexy boots back."

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