<p>“Wrap up some empty boxes and pretend they are presents.” </p>

“Wrap up some empty boxes and pretend they are presents.”

Photo courtesy of @bennyg7070/TikTok

A father on TikTok burned fake Christmas presents to make his children behave - and people are outraged.

The father, who goes by @bennyg7070 on the platform, took a box adorned with festive wrapping paper and chucked it into a fireplace.

“With Christmas approaching, here is a top tip for parents. Wrap up some empty boxes and pretend they are presents. Then each time one of those little f****** misbehaves, chuck one on to the fire,” the on-screen text said.

People in the comments found this method problematic, with one person writing: “If you need to do this to get your kids to behave, then the issue is NOT with the kids.”

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“Emotional, manipulative, trauma. Some of y’all need real help,” another added.

Someone else believes that this kind of “discipline” needs to come to an end.

“I really wish this type of ‘discipline’ would just be done and over. This hurts your child on such a deep emotional level. Discipline with love.”

Another person in the comments didn’t take issue with the father’s behavioral tactic and even spoke on their experience doing this to a loved one.

“Lmfao. I did this one year to my little sister, haha. We still laugh about it every Christmas,” they wrote.

A fifth noted that that parents have to enforce “discipline somehow.”

“For those saying this is traumatising, it’s not. Parents have to enforce discipline somehow, and no child can be raised 0 negativity,” they said.

Overall, it’s very likely that this is a complete joke. Just be mindful not to burn expensive presents like a Gucci bag or smartphone.

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