Disturbing images of Cambodia's 'buff superpigs' are going viral

Facebook/ Duroc Cambodia

A Cambodian pig farm has been receiving a lot of attention online.

Yes, you read that right.

Forget food, dogs and babies; weirdly muscular pigs have peaked the internet's collective interests and got them squealing with delight this week.

Lookin' good (and a little disturbing).

Well, very disturbing.

There has also been outrage after a video appeared to show the pigs walking with difficulty.

Other than for internet infamy, why would a farm do this? Well, extra muscle means extra money when pork is priced by weight.

And, more importantly, how on earth...? PETA claimed in a blog post that the "mutant pigs" have been genetically altered, though there is no proof of this.

Jin-Soo Kim, a researcher at Seoul National University, told Naturethat the tweak could have also been done by breeding over decades.

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