In case you've been living under a rock, and, frankly, we'd be envious if you have been, you will probably have noticed that today is Back to the Future Day.

As well as newspapers writing stories on it and brands doing their best to ride the wave of excitement, even our very own prime minister, Mr David Cameron, cracked an awful joke in PMQs about it.

Addressing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to Britain's nuclear deterrent, the prime minister, getting quite visibly excited by the zinger he was about to deliver, explained:

I think it's quite right that Britain maintains its independent nuclear deterrent, and anyone who has any doubts about it only has to look at the dangers and uncertainty in our world.

And, frankly, I think it is very disappointing for this country that for so long we had a consensus, cross-party, that the nuclear deterrent was right for Britain and now we have a leader of the opposition who is campaigning with CND.

Frankly, it's today that we're celebrating that great film Back to the Future and I'm not surprised that many people sitting behind him say he should get back in his DeLorean and go back to 1985 and stay there...

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