Can you make the perfect medium-rare steak in a dishwasher? Yes, apparently

A man has shared an unusual hack for cooking the perfect medium-rare steak — he puts it in the dishwasher.

CBS news correspondent Michael George shared a video where he puts a vacuum-sealed steak in the dishwasher before browning the outside in a pan with butter and garlic.

The result? “It came out AMAZING,” he tweeted.

Sharing the video on his culinary Twitter account, he tweeted: “A dishwasher immerses dishes in 130 degree hot water…that’s basically a giant sous vide machine, right?! The steak came out a perfect medium rare! It just needed 2 minutes in the pan to brown the outside!”

Although he already owns a sous vide cooker, he wanted to try putting it into the dishwasher “for science”.

Some of George’s followers seemed on-board with the idea:

Others however, weren’t quite so convinced:

George isn’t the first at-home chef to experiment with the dishwasher’s cooking abilities.

The hack of cooking salmon in a dishwasher has circulated on the internet for a while, with YouTuber Tom Scott even giving the unconventional cooking method a go.

Scott’s verdict? “Perfect,” he said.

This takes cleaning while you go to a whole other level.

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