Can you see what's hidden in this red circle? Some people can't, apparently

The seemingly endless trend of online eye tests and optical illusions has plundered new depths.

We're sorry, we're just passing on the message.

The newest sensation takes the form of an eye test - although we're not exactly sure the test created by Jack O'Neil has any scientific grounding.

An image is overlaid onto a red circle, but can you see what it is?

Take the test, below:

As you may have seen, it was a horse in the grass.

The test presumably tests our ability to perceive and differentiate between hues of red, meaning that people with protanopia, or red-colour blindness, would have difficulty with the test which only slightly varies in hue.

We've decided to expand on this clearly winning format, with a test of our own.

See if you can see the images in the red circles below and let us know how you get on in the comments:

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