Canadians start petition to rename their outgoing prime minister Stephen Harper 'Calgary International Airport'

Steven Harper's fall from grace has been compounded this week by a petition calling on him to be renamed after one of Canada's largest airports.

With just days left before he stands down as prime minister, to be replaced by the seemingly much-loved Justin Trudeau, the Conservative politician has been subject to a petition demanding that he be renamed "Calgary International Airport".


The petition's organiser, Corey Hogan, explains:

Toronto’s main airport is named after a Liberal Prime Minister, Lester Pearson. Montreal’s main airport is named after a Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. And Saskatoon’s airport is named after Conservative Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker.

But none of our Prime Ministers have been named after airports.

So why not rename Stephen Harper 'Calgary International Airport'?

The petition explains that the name change could help the outgoing prime minister "rehabilitate his image after such a disastrous campaign".

The Canadian Press news agency points out that there are currently at least two petitions circulating online calling on the airport to be renamed after Harper.

But, at least according to the 2,100 people who have signed this one, it should be the other way around.

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