Bakery adds burglar’s face to cookies in a bid to catch him

Bakery adds burglar’s face to cookies in a bid to catch him
Canfora Bakery/ Facebook

A bakery added a burglar’s face to their cookies in a bid to catch him.

Canfora Bakery in Wisconsin, US took the law into their own biscuits after someone broke into their shop in the middle of the night of 19 April and stole cash and equipment, by doing what any self-respecting baker would do and printing the man’s face – which they captured on security cameras – onto cookies in icing.

Posting their creation on Facebook, Canfora Bakery said: “We made delicious sugar cookies with his image on them! We invite the Bay View community to come on in and take a bite out of the thief while supplies last.

“If you recognize this man, please call the Milwaukee PD.”

People loved the bakery’s initiative. Someone commented: “What a great idea! I hope he’s found.”

Another said: “I’ve heard of wanted pictures put on pizza boxes, but I’ve never heard of a perp’s picture being put on baked goods. Very creative in that aspect”.

And it apparently worked. In a follow-up Facebook post, the bakery announced the burglary suspect had been identified, but local police said no arrests had been made in relation to the incident. Yet.

It just goes to show, burglary is bad, but robbing a family-run bakery truly takes the biscuit.

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