Car crashes into woman's house as she sits 'crying' on Thanksgiving

Car crashes into woman's house as she sits 'crying' on Thanksgiving
Driver crashes car into house in Bowie
Fox - 5 DC / VideoElephant

Footage of the moment a car crashed into a garage where a girl was sitting on Thanksgiving has gone viral.

Sometimes near-misses need to be caught on camera to be believed because they are so unlikely. That was certainly the case for one woman who had a lucky escape when she was smoking and crying in her garage on Thanksgiving, just as a car crashed into it.

X/Twitter user @littoladyluck shared unbelievable footage of a car accidentally reversing into her garage as she was filming a video.

Two different clips showed what happened from inside the garage where she was “chilling” and from outside the garage as the accident occurred.

In the caption, she explained: “I was chilling in the garage on Thanksgiving crying and smoking by myself listening to Mitski and a car crashed right into it… I can’t make this up.”

The first video showed her sitting in her garage when all of a sudden there was a loud crash as the garage door was slammed into.

In the second video, taken from an external camera, a white car was reversing and appeared to become out of control as it picked up more and more speed.

The car first struck a palm tree that fell down and continued reversing until it struck the garage that @littoladyluck was in.

The post has been viewed over 6 million times and viewers were equally shocked and amused by the situation, particularly given that the woman had the clown filter on as she was recording.

“Girls aren’t allowed to do literally anything,” one person joked.

Another commented: “It’s the filter and the zero survival instinct for me.”

Someone else added: “Imagine them using this video as evidence in court.”

Thankfully, @littoladyluck appeared physically unharmed by the incident.

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