<p>An image from the chaotic aftermath of the shooting</p>

An image from the chaotic aftermath of the shooting

Photo courtesy of @chrollosspellbook/TikTok

A TikToker captured a shooting on camera while she was taking a picture of her friends during a Colorado Springs mall carnival - but it’s her response that was so shocking to many.

The carnival was set outside of Citadel Mall and was reportedly going fine until after 9 pm, when the shooting began.

The panic that ensued after the first gunshots were recorded by TikToker @chrollosspellbook, who tried to record her friends on a specific ride.

The video captioned, “When you are trying to record your friends but end up recording a shooting,” you see the TikToker’s friends zipping past on a windy, multicolored ride when chaos erupted.

Gunshots can’t be heard on the recording, but soon enough, you see many people running past @chrollosspellbook and another friend who was standing not too far from her. Distant screams could then be heard.

Check out the full video here.

As people continued to run past, you hear @chrollosspellbook’s friend asking - very calmly and collected - “If there was a gun shooting.”

The friend then directs people to go in a different direction to get away from the scene, and both @chrollosspellbook and the friend continued to run as they found a spot to seek refuge away from the violence.

After a brief moment in the video, the teens ended up joining another small group of people outside of the carnival, to which you hear @chrollosspellbook worriedly saying that she caught the event on video while saying the other friends are still on the ride.

Fortunately, @chrollosspellbook and the friends got out safe. In a couple of follow-up videos, they addressed many of the questions from people in the comments who wanted to know updates about the situation and their safety.

According to Gazette, at least three people were injured in the gun violence. Several eyewitnesses alleged to have seen several young men who are about to open fire on the carnival visitors.

Some people in the comments pointed out @chrollosspellbook’s friend’s extremely calm reaction and how many Americans have become so immune to gun violence that an active shooter only causes a small degree of fear.

“I 100 per cent agree. I live in a place where gun shooting is normal so when there’s one, I don’t get affected because I’m used to it,” someone wrote.

“The fact that, ‘I think there’s a shooter or something idk,’ can be said with such lax...woo America,” wrote another.

And a third person had this to say: “Just another normal day in America.”

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