‘Creepin’ cat uses ‘elevator move’ to disappear... and the Internet is in awe

‘Creepin’ cat uses ‘elevator move’ to disappear... and the Internet is in awe

Have you ever found yourself needing a subtle way to remove yourself from an awkward situation?

Then you might want to take a leaf out of this cat’s book.

A video of the stealthy feline shows it staring calmly towards the camera, until it realises it’s been spotted.

Then, rather than dart away, it oh-so-smoothly descends on an imaginary elevator.

The hilarious clip has been widely shared on Reddit after it was uploaded with the caption: “Kitty got caught creepin’ so he totally nonchalantly ducks out with ‘the elevator’ move.”

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Within a day of being posted, the “creepin’ kitty” garnered more than 100,000 upvotes on the platform, with redditors admiring the furry spy’s stile.

“Even after Kitty’s eyes are below the edge of the window, he continues slow and steady until he’s completely gone. Love it!” one fan commented.

Another tried to shake things up with a “whole new perspective” by asking: “Who’s creeping at whom?”

And others suggested the cat was “planning something sinister.”

“They’re onto us!” one wrote. “Act NATURAL!”

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