Teacher who was catcalled in the street gets verbally abused when she responds

Teacher who was catcalled in the street gets verbally abused when she responds
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Morgan Harper

A teacher was left shocked as she was verbally abused after responding to a man who catcalled her in the street.

Catcalling is a horrible form of street harassment that can make women feel unsafe and intimidated while simply trying to walk somewhere.

One woman who tried to confront a catcaller found that doing so could make a situation worse and took to Mumsnet to explain how the horrible situation unfolded.

In a post, the woman explained she was walking down the road in a pretty cheerful mood after finding out her A Level students did well on their exams.

She wrote: “I was minding my own business when a man across the road yelled 'looking good, love!' at me.”

“I know it was intended as a compliment, but I hate this sort of thing - I feel objectified and angry that women are viewed as objects to aesthetically please men.”

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The woman went on, explaining how she and the catcaller then got into a back and forth about how his actions made her feel, resulting in her being verbally abused.

She continued: “So I stopped, took my sunglasses off, and said 'seriously - what is wrong with some men?'

“He said 'what are you on about?' and I said I don't appreciate been yelled at and objectified by random strangers when I'm just minding my own business.

“We went back and forth like this briefly, and he got pretty angry and called me a 'stuck up cow' before storming off.”

The woman then asked fellow Mumsnet users if she was in the wrong for hating being catcalled by strangers and it’s fair to say most were firmly on her side.

One user reasoned: “I'm guessing he wouldn't have 'complimented' another man in the same way…”

Another replied: “He's an absolute tosser.”

Someone else wrote: “I feel exactly as you do and I wish I had your balls tbh.”

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