Was a student expelled for doing the 'Ceiling Challenge' on TikTok?

Was a student expelled for doing the 'Ceiling Challenge' on TikTok?
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A university student was allegedly expelled after taking part in the now viral “Ceiling Challenge” on TikTok.

TikTok has become a platform known for its ever-changing viral trends that capture the imagination of its mostly Gen Z users, with recent trends including the Beckham dance test and the girlfriend affect trend.

The “Ceiling Challenge” is the latest trend to take over the platform and it may have even got one student expelled from university for taking part in it.

What is the viral “Ceiling Challenge” on TikTok?

The viral ceiling challenge involves TikTokers taping their mobile phone to a ceiling and filming themselves alone, or with their friends, dancing from a bird’s eye view.

The challenge is set to the song “Surround Sound” by the American rapper and singer J.I.D. One of the earliest instances was a video shared by TikToker @michaelfirshort on 6 October which has been viewed 3.6 million times.


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Since then, the challenge has gone viral with hundreds of videos of other people emulating it, including one filmed by some rowdy retirement home residents.

But, while the challenge may seem like a harmless bit of fun, one university student in Nigeria was allegedly expelled from the institution for doing the challenge.

The student was reportedly attending Madonna University in Okija, Nigeria when a video of her twerking to the song went viral and led to her expulsion when university staff saw it.

indy100 has contacted Madonna University for comment.

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