There’s now a ‘Chair Simulator’ video game where you sit in multiple chairs before dying alone

A new video game is speaking to thousands of people online who are looking to re-enact the tedium of the past year - by transporting them to a virtual chair, which they sit in.

That’s it. That’s the whole game.

Chair Simulator was introduced on the gaming app Steam last week by the group MSCHF, and is already causing a stir.

The rules of the game are simple: you choose from 14 different internet-famous characters, drawn from YouTube and Twitch, and then you choose a chair.

The chairs are located in a “blue and yellow chair store,” which looks like Ikea.

There are 14 options for the chair, all of which are illustrations of real, popular chairs, like the elusive Eames chair. As you unlock points, more “luxurious chairs” become available. A spokesperson for MSCHF told Indy100 that there was no collaboration with any of the brands featured.

After you’ve chosen the chair, the next step is to sit in the chair. This is basically the final step, except that you’re at risk when you sit, for things like numbness and muscle atrophy.

You also gain points for sitting, but, again, you should not sit too much. Good posture is welcome in your own life, but not too important within the game.

Eventually, within the game, you die.

“When you die, you have to restart/lose everything,” the spokesperson said, confirming that death in the game is the same as death in real life.

Chair Simulator has been streamed over 100,000 times. You can play it here. Be careful.

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