Viral TikTok trend sees users promote ‘Cheat Codes’ for universe

Breanna Robinson
Thursday 06 May 2021 14:48

At some point, even if we haven’t tried it ourselves, we’ve all become aware of the numerous cheat codes for some of the most popular games on the market.

But could there be a ‘cheat code’ to get the most out of life?

According to viral TikTok videos, there is a way.

Because we’re in a time where spirituality and wellness are in the midst, TikTok began to trend with the idea to encourage people to manifest their goals and aspirations. In essence, if you think about something you want long enough, you can bring it into your life.

As a result, we have some TikTokers who have taken this principle to a new level by telling others that there is another way to add onto their manifestations by giving the universe codes to receive exactly what you want when it comes to love, wealth, and wellness.

Enter stage one—Grabovoi codes.

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Grabovoi codes are fairly straightforward. In a TikTok video published on March 26 from @spiritualtarotguide, all you have to do is either write the numbers, say them aloud, or write them out in the air.

So if you want to manifest more love into your life, you would either speak the numbers 888 412 1289018 “into existence”,  write them down on a piece of paper or in your notes app on your phone, or trace the numbers in the air similar to Disney stars tracing the Mickey Mouse head with a wand.

“Cheat codes for manifestation.”

(Photo courtesy of @anilasita/TikTok)

Afterward, all you have to do is wait for love to land on your doorstep. TikTokers believe that it works and even swear by it.

“Money manifestation code.”

(Photo courtesy of @anilasita/TikTok)

Fellow TikToker Anilasita, who goes by @anilasita on the platform, tried the money manifestation code by tracing the numbers in the air, saying it out loud twice with a “smile on her face,” and then asked the universe to “show her sign” if it was real. She apparently ended up getting another booking for her business which was a pleasant surprise for her.

“Money manifestation code.”

(Photo courtesy of @anilasita/TikTok)

Grigory Grabovoy was apparently the creator. He is a Russian mathematician who at one point had hundreds of supporters that would frequent his seminars.

Sounds awesome, right?

But then he claimed to have powers that would grant him the ability to resurrect the dead.


However, in 2008, Grabovoy was sentenced to prison for 11 years after fraudulently giving parents hopes that he could bring their children back to life after a school siege.

Can these codes actually work? Given Grabavoy didn’t seem to have the code to evade prison time, we think the answer’s quite clear.