Cheeky monkey gets a bit too handsy with former Miss Peru

Cheeky monkey gets a bit too handsy with former Miss Peru
Cheeky monkey pulls down woman's top in forest in Bali

A monkey had other ideas when Peruvian model Paula Manzanal tried to take a quick snap with the animal.

During a trip to Bali's Ubud Monkey Forest, Manzanal got up close and personal with the monkey to get the photo – who instead, tried to pull down her strapless top.

Luckily, the long-tailed macaque failed to reveal the former Miss Peru model's chest. However, it soon resorted to violence, hissing and slapping Manzanal.

She was seen smiling in disbelief and later turned to TikTok, writing: "I just didn't want it to touch me."

Unsurprisingly, the footage went viral across the platform, with one saying: "He definitely knows what he's doing haha."

Another fellow TikToker added: "I didn’t want to laugh but it did make me laugh; the good thing is that it didn’t bite you."

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Yo solo queria que no me toque mis.. 🥲🙈 #indonesia #bali #monkey #peruana

Others, however, noted the potential dangers, with one saying the model should be thankful it didn't bite her.

"It could hurt your eye, be very careful with the little animals; they get scared and react like that. I hope you are fine," a second penned.

"I think his little fingernail got caught, and he must have thought that they wanted to tie him up, and he got scared," wrote theorised.

Meanwhile, across the pond in California, another monkey became a viral sensation after stealing a phone from Conservation Ambassadors zoo and calling 911.

The Capuchin monkey named Route had reportedly found the phone in a golf cart, leaving emergency operators confused when they kept getting disconnected from the call.

"Monkeys are very inquisitive and will grab anything and everything and just start pushing buttons," the police wrote on Facebook.

"And that’s what Route did… just so happened it was in the right combination of numbers to call us."

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