Man calls the 'chicken police' on neighbour after finding dead rooster

Man calls the 'chicken police' on neighbour after finding dead rooster
Florida man accused of animal cruelty says neighbour called the 'chicken police' ...
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An unusual feud broke out between two neighbours in Florida over a dead rooster, which led one of them to call the "chicken police."

James Nix, 54, was locked up for 30 hours after being accused of murdering his neighbour's rooster last month, reports Action News Jax.

The viral interview hasn't gone unnoticed as the pair describe the bizarre incident from both sides. Nix claimed he was checking his mail when the animal allegedly pounced and was ready to attack, leading him to act in self-defence.

"I’m defending myself, you know,” Nix told the station. "I was fearing for my safety, and the chicken died."

Nix said he grabbed a stick and "accidentally" hit the rooster owned by Jason Defelice in the head.

“Call it a lucky shot, whatever,” Nix added.

Defelice, who lives across the street, came home to discover this beloved pet was dead. He recalled telling Nix that he would call Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO).

"I called JSO, but JSO didn’t do nothing. And a couple days later, I realised I could call animal control," he explained.

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A dumbfounded Nix couldn't believe his neighbour called animal control, leading to his arrest.

"Next thing you know, he calls the chicken police on me," Nix told the station while trying to justify his actions by saying: "Chickens die everyday people – at Churches, Popeyes and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Really."

Following the incident, Nix admitted to leaving the scene as he didn't know how to react.

"I didn’t know to give it a 21-gun salute!" Nix said, "CPR, mouth-to-mouth, do you know? Or call the chicken ambulance?"

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