This adorable child talking about corn is the most wholesome video you'll see today

This adorable child talking about corn is the most wholesome video you'll see today
Off-the-Cob Creamed Corn

An adorable child has won the hearts of millions after going viral for sharing his wholesome love for corn, while snacking on the vegetable.

It's a video from TikTok account Recess Therapy (@recesstherapy), where host Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviews little kids who entertain audiences with their hilarious responses.

On this occasion, he spoke to a young boy who was missing a front tooth but had no problems chomping on his corn on the cob and sharing his thoughts on the food.

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"For me... I really like corn," the child said, pronouncing the veg as "kowhn."

When asked by Shapiro-Barnum what he liked about the snack, the kid was more than happy to provide an answer.

"Ever since I was told that corn was real, it tasted good.

"But when I tried it with butter everything changed! I love corn!" he said as he munched on a cob.


Children of the… corn? 😂 🌽 #recesstherapy #corn #cornisgood #fyp #favorite

"No not everyone has to like it to be the best, everyone just has to try it - have a bite!"

Outside of snacking on corn, the youngster revealed he enjoys "a variety of games" including hide-and-seek, tag, but "never lava monster" and added ... "yeah mostly corn."

"Look at this!" he exclaimed hold up his corn on the cob to the camera and wished everyone a "corntastic day."

Meanwhile, Shapiro-Barnum next interviewee was less than enthusiastic about corn as he asked the young girl if she likes it and if she had tried the food before, to which the unbothered child played with her fingers as she said "no" to both questions.

The clip was then reposted to the account @doingthings with a larger audience of 225,000 followers and the interview soon went viral as the video received 11.4m views, 3.1m likes, as well as over 58,000 comments from people who loved the boy's passion for corn.


Do you think corn is real? 🌽 @Recess Therapy

One person wrote: "I love him SO MUCH."

"He has my vote," another person said.

Someone else added: "Omg this kid would have a field day in Iowa during the summer the corn is amazing."

"'But when I tried it with butter, everything changed!' same kid. same," a fourth person replied.

As a fifth person commented: "I would die for this child."

"'Ever since I found out corn was real' LMAO my daughter is at the same fase [sic]," a mother posted.

Another viewer noted: "This kid needs to be the representative of all midwestern agriculture."

It's clear most of TikTok hopes the youngster is having a corntastic day.

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