Amongst the political and violent unrest that is currently going on in Chile, a woman has sung a song of peace for all of her neighbourhood to hear.

In an incredible viral video, Chilean soprano, Ayleen Jovita Romero, sang a stirring version of 'El derecho de vivir en paz' in Santiago from her own bedroom window, during the curfew currently imposed by the government because of protests against president Sebastian Pinera.

While residents are forced to be inside between the hours of 10pm and 4am, Romero chose to give her fellow Chileans a song of peace and defiance. What she probably wasn't expecting was the euphoric reaction it would prompt from her neighbours.

As soon as she stops singing, seemingly thousands of people erupt in applause and cheers for the soprano who posted a now-viral video on her Instagram page.

An alternative angle of her performance has since been shared on Twitter and has become an instant viral hit, amassing more than 3 million views in just a matter of days.

Reaction to the clip has been one of overwhelming support and an outpouring of emotion for Romero's awe-inspiring talent.

To make matters even better, the song translates as 'The right to live in peace.'

On Instagram, Romero said:

We demonstrate peacefully in this curfew, all the neighbours here supporting the cause by singing and playing their beautiful instruments.

I invite other artists to do the same in their homes. Necessary.

HT Daily Mail

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