New Chinese skyscraper mocked on social media for 'looking like a penis'

China Live Channel/YouTube

Have you ever looked at one of those impressive new skyscrapers and their complex structure designs and thought, "I wonder how the architect came up with that?"

Well, you really don’t need to use your imagination to realise what a controversial new building in China was (potentially) inspired by.

The new Guangxi New Media Centre, which is located in Guangxi in south-east China, has taken two years to complete, but has been widely criticised for looking like a penis.

At first glance the building, which is still reportedly under construction, only bears a passing resemblance to the male genitalia, but the situation was made a whole lot more embarrassing thanks to a fake viral video.

In a 14-second clip that was shared on Chinese social media the building is seen to be glowing with vibrant purple and blue lights, with fireworks exploding from the top.

We really don’t need to (or want to) explain what that is supposed to look like so here’s a video for you instead. Up to you if you deem it NSFW or not.

As we mentioned, it has become a joke on Chinese social media and it appears to have made it over to western social media too.

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