Who is Chris Chan and did she escape jail?

Who is Chris Chan and did she escape jail?
Viral video brings felony charges for Florida men

Chris Chan has become one of the most talked about figures on the internet following speculation about her alleged escape from jail.

The YouTuber is one of the most difficult to pin-down figures on social media, and her story has taken more twists recently than your average M. Night Shyamalan film.

Her story has gone from one of cult internet fame in the 00s, to alleged criminal activity in more recent times.

But who is she, and what’s the story about her alleged escape from jail? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Who is Chris Chan?

Christine Weston Chandler, who is known online as Chris Chan, is an internet personality and cult leader known for creating the web comic series Sonichu.

Sonichu focuses on the exploits of the title character, who is a blend of the Pokémon Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Chris is a trans woman who came out as transgender in 2014 after originally identifying as a man. She was diagnosed with autism at the age of five or six.

She has been subjected to trolling online over recent years, with the image-sharing site Kiwi Farms set-up at least in part in order to harass her. She is noted as one of the most trolled figures on the internet.

The internet personality previously shared her theory of "dimensional merge" over the last few years, saying that she believes that fictional universes really exist, and that "portals have been appearing between worlds, causing dimensions to collide.”

Chris personality also previously claimed that she had "merged" with her character Sonichu and shares a body with it, adding that she has "every power you can think of in this dimension and then some, no exceptions."

Why was she arrested, and did she escape jail?

Chris came to wider attention in August 2021 after she was arrested on suspicion of incest.

A leaked phone call led some to suggest she was in a sexual relationship with her elderly mother, 79.

According to a report in Insider, Chris was being held in Central Virginia Regional Jail at the time.

Since then, reports emerged on August 28 that Chris had escaped from jail shortly before she had been due to go to trial.

A tweet alleging that she had escaped went viral and claimed that Chris had escaped after climbing through a bathroom window.

The news has yet to be confirmed and no statement has been released. However, that hasn’t stopped people from speculating by posting memes and comments about the alleged escape.

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