More people in the UK would choose a curry over Christmas dinner than you might think

More people in the UK would choose a curry over Christmas dinner than you might think
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Whether it’s chicken versus turkey, what kind of stuffing to have, or whether to include Brussels sprouts, everyone has their preferences when it comes to Christmas dinner

But what if that preference involved ordering in a festive tikka masala?

A new survey has revealed that one-in-six Brits would rather go for a curry on Christmas Day than the usual roast turkey meal.

The research, by instantprint, suggests that as many as one-sixth of people will give their local curry house a call on the big day.

Perhaps it's not that surprising, however, when you consider that nine per cent of Brits don’t actually celebrate Christmas, according to Statista.

Of course, there is also the fact that some people are genetically hardwired not to like Brussels sprouts.

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However, perhaps even more eyebrow-raising is the fact that, according to instantprint’s survey, seven per cent of people plan on adding mayonnaise to their Christmas feast.

Just over one-in-10 people said they would go for a mac and cheese side on the big day, while a similar amount of people said they would eat mushy peas.

The leftfield food choices don’t stop there, either. About five per cent of people plan to have a Chinese on Christmas Day, while another five per cent of people plan on a Mexican dinner.

That’s one way to avoid the dreaded sprouts, it seems.

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