Demi Lovato sparks bizarre debate for roasting a turkey weeks after ‘cuddling’ with one

Demi Lovato is raising eyebrows with two very different photos of a turkey.

Earlier this month, the singer visited Farm Sanctuary, an organisation “dedicated to ending farm animal abuse”, and posed with a turkey to advocate for adopting rescued turkeys instead of eating one.

Lovato also shared a post about her visit, writing that her personal highlight was “cuddling with a rescued turkey named Sandy”.

Despite encouraging adoption, the singer posted a photo of a roasted turkey on Thanksgiving. The Instagram snap had the caption, “I’m thankful for all of you”.

Of course, having turkey for Thanksgiving is normal, but it probably wouldn’t look so odd if she wasn’t involved in a campaign encouraging veganism.

The conflicting posts did receive some backlash, with fans calling on her to become vegan, while others branded her a hypocrite. “Performative activism at its finest,” one person commented.

But ultimately many people just thought the irony was pretty hilarious.

Then the discourse kept brewing as fans came to Lovato’s defence in what they perceived as an attempt to “cancel” her.

We have to admit that getting cancelled over a Turkey would be pretty bizarre. But it’s 2020 after all, and stranger things have happened.

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