An innovative Christmas tree in Brazil was created using empty flu and Covid-19 vaccine vials.

In a video published by AFP News Agency on Twitter, healthcare personnel in Rio de Janeiro made the colourful looking Christmas tree out of the vials and flickering festive lights.

Flickering Christmas lights on the tree made from empty Covid and flu vials.Flickering Christmas lights on the tree made from empty Covid and flu vials.Photo courtesy of @AFP/Tiwtter

The purpose behind this creative tree is to highlight and increase awareness of vaccinations in the country.

Brazil has reportedly registered over 615,000 Covid related deaths. This is second to the US who, as of December 10, has over 791,000 deaths as a result of Covid.

Fortunately, 65 per cent of the population in Brazil has received full vaccination, which has helped decrease the number of infections and deaths.

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On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that international tourists who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus would be required to quarantine for five days in their destination city after arriving by plane.

The decision, which was reached by the ministries of health, justice, and infrastructure, as well as the government’s chief of staff, was published in the official gazette of the country on Thursday as well.

President Jair Bolsonaro, who happens to be unvaccinated, will begin enforcing the measure on Saturday. It isn’t transparent as to how effectively Brazil can monitor those who require quarantine.

Brazil isn’t the only country to create a Christmas tree out of the same material.

According to KTVN 2 News, a vaccination Center in Bucharest, Romania said it used around 19,000 empty Covid-19 vials to create its three-meter-tall tree.

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