People are putting up their Christmas trees in October, because why not?

When is it appropriate to put up your Christmas tree? December 1st? Is the end of November too early?

In this incredibly cursed year, time doesn’t exist anymore, as we all know. And since normal rules don’t apply anymore, people have started dusting off their Christmas decorations and getting ready for the holiday season.

Yes, people are setting up their trees in October.

But in these dire times, how could you deny some Christmas cheer? You heard it here: a three-month Christmas is totally socially acceptable. Feel free to grab the boxes. Spruce up your work at home set up.

While some are considering an early Christmas...

Others have already jumped right in.

There’s just no point in judging people anymore.

Then again, some have also embraced this corona Christmas a bit too heartily.

And as this user rightly points out, there is nothing wrong with a little self-care – especially now.

Sure, it’s a bit weird, but is there any joy quite like lighting up the tree for the first time? We need to pass the time in lockdown somehow.

Maybe a prolonged Christmas is the unusual but necessary salve for this strange 2020.

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