These are the cities where women are having the most sex

Man and woman in bed together
Man and woman in bed together
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London, Paris and Auckland are the top three most lustful cities in the world for women, a new study shows.

Adult entertainment app Lazeeva conducted a survey of more than 450,000 people, with participants aged between 18 and 70.

Researchers also studied data regarding contraception and gender equality from a number of organisations, including the UN, in order to come up with the regions in the world with the most sexually active women.

At number one of the most sexually active cities for women is the UK’s very own London.

The press release reads:

For women to have good sex, it was determined that they must be sexually satisfied, have access to sex toys, have easy access to contraception and to live in a society with high levels of gender equality.

This research formed part of a larger study, the world's most sexual cities, in which 10 factors in total were researched. Every city in this ranking has been selected for their high standards of living for women.

Here are the top 50 most sexual cities in the world for women:

1. London UK

2. Paris, France

3. Auckland, New Zealand

4. Los Angeles, USA

5. Chicago, USA

6. Austin, USA

7. Brussels, Belgium

8. Basel, Switzerland

9. Liverpool, UK

10. Geneva, Switzerland

11. Berlin, Germany

12. San Francisco, USA

13. Zurich, Switzerland

14. Glasgow, UK

15. Amsterdam, Netherlands

16. Manchester, UK

17. Hamburg, Germany

18. Seattle, USA

19. New York City, USA

20. Rotterdam, Netherlands

21. Boston, USA

22. Melbourne, Australia

23. Ibia Town, Spain

24. Ghent, Belgium

25. Antwerp, Belgium

26. Miami, USA

27. Edinburgh, UK

28. Las Vegas, USA

29. Leeds, UK

30. Cologne, Germany

31. Toronto, Canada

32. Marseille, France

33. Munich, Germany

34. Montreal, Canada

35. Utrecht, Netherlands

36. Calgary, Canada

37. Frankfurt, Germany

38. Helsinki, Finland

39. Portland, USA

40. Oslo, Norway

41. Bristol, UK

42. Barcelona, Spain

43. Bergen, Norway

44. Madrid, Spain

45. Dublin, Ireland

46. Stockholm, Sweden

47. Brisbane, Australia

48. Vancouver, Canada

49. Leipzig, Germany

50. Sydney, Australia

One fifth of the cities listed are in the US, making the country a hotspot, it seems...

Tilmann Petersen, CEO at Lazeeva, tells Whimn:

At Lazeeva, we know the importance of a healthy, active and safe sex life for women, and living in an environment where an understanding, knowledge and respect of female sexuality is essential for this.

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