10 things you should never, ever do during sex

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There’s now no excuse for bad manners in the bedroom, thanks to a new survey unveiling our biggest pet peeves in the bedroom.

According to a Superdrug survey of 2,000 people living across Europe and America, here’s what we'd most hate to happen during sex:

  • Being called the wrong name
  • Someone else walking in
  • Someone farting quietly
  • Bending the penis the wrong way
  • Farting loudly
  • Someone peeing a little
  • Being asked to film the act
  • Being kissed on the foot
  • Someone burping
  • Being sneezed on

But it’s not all doom and gloom, the thing we’d love the most is for someone to introduce food into the bedroom... Seriously.

The survey also revealed the most common sexual mishaps:

  • 13 per cent said getting a muscle cramp. Ouch
  • 11 per cent said sex only lasting a couple of minutes
  • 10 per cent knocked something over
  • Six per cent fell off a bed or sofa
  • Another six per cent involved bending a penis the wrong way
  • Five-and-a-half per cent broke a bed frame or sofa
  • Four-and-a-half per cent farted loudly

The biggest no no women have admitted to is getting muscle cramp, followed by leaving the windows open, knocking something over, being interrupted by someone walking in, and falling of the bed.

And for men, the top one is only lasting a couple of minutes, followed by getting cramp, leaving a window open, knocking something over, and someone walking in.

It's all so romantic isn't it?

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