Climate change study cancelled due to climate change

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Dozens of scientists from across Canada have had their research expedition cancelled because of dangerous Arctic sea ice conditions, caused by climate change.

Led by the University of Manitoba, the four-year project aims to help scientists monitor and understand the impacts of climate change on Arctic ecosystems and communities.

And the irony hasn't gone unnoticed.

This particular expedition was going to take place at Hudson Bay, in north east Canada. But conditions were deemed much worse than expected, and had to be cancelled due to safety concerns.

A National Geographic article from 2013 warned that ecosystems here have “have undergone dramatic climate-driven changes and appear to have reached an ecological tipping point”.

The university’s statement states:

The research of our scientists clearly indicate that climate change is not something that is going to happen in the future – it is already here.

David Barber, expedition chief scientist and lead of the project, said:

Climate-related changes in Arctic sea ice not only reduce its extent and thickness but also increase its mobility meaning that ice conditions are likely to become more variable and severe conditions such as these will occur more often".

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