CNN pranked into sharing fake NSFW names on New Year’s Eve

CNN pranked into sharing fake NSFW names on New Year’s Eve

CNN got pranked in the silliest way during their New Year’s Eve Live broadcast.

As hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper presented the special from Times Square, several NSFW names featured on the live show’s ticker along the bottom of the screen.

Crude names such as “Ben Dover”, “Mike Oxlong” and “Dixie Normus” graced the airwaves as the network pulled in tweets that included the hashtag #CNNNYE.


Happy New Year @CNN @Andy Cohen @Anderson Cooper #cnn #cnnnye #happynewyear #andersoncooper #andycohen #newyears #newyear #faketweet #EveryKiss

“Dixie Normus”, who has now added “og queen of the #CNNNYE Twitter feed” to their bio, follows a couple of the other creatively-named accounts who also featured on the show.

Other accounts followed by the prank account include “Seymour Butts”, “Hugh Jass”, and “Harry Cox”.

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According to The Daily Beast, the prank accounts appear to be linked as almost all of them follow each other and they were all created in December.

Reporter Jose Pagliery said that the master account appears to be @MikeOxLong625 as it was created in February and tweeted about things other than CNN, but the account is now deactivated.

Keen-eyed viewers spotted the naughty names and enjoyed being in on the joke:

The prank even made it onto The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where Colbert shared other NSFW names including "Ivana Umpew" and "Luke Attertush".

CNN isn’t the first channel to fall victim to raunchy names. Earlier this year, GB News got caught out by “Mike Hunt” and “Mike Oxlong”.

Although it’s naughty, it seems the CNN prankster’s actions led to many ringing in the new year with a laugh.

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