The 12 top TV gaffes of 2021, from Piers Morgan’s flounce and Joe Wicks’ fart

The 12 top TV gaffes of 2021, from Piers Morgan’s flounce and Joe Wicks’ fart

When you work in live TV it’s a given that sometimes, not everything goes to plan.

Between prank callers dialling up networks with naughty names to technical glitches affecting a channel’s output, 2021 has seen its fair share of TV gaffes.

Here are our picks of the top TV gaffes that had us laughing and cringing in equal measure this year:

1. GB News presenters reading out rude names

First appearing on our tellies earlier this year, GB News launched with veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil at the helm. The channel’s first week was mired with technical difficulties, with Twitter users brutally branding it “GBeebies”.

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However our favourite moments have been when people got in touch during live segments with NSFW names, including “Mike Hunt” and “Mike Oxlong”.

2. Joe Wicks lets out “giant ripper” during PE with Joe broadcast

Fitness coach Joe Wicks accidentally let out “the longest ripper [he’s] ever let out in [his] life” before a PE with Joe broadcast.

Speaking to Heart radio presenter Mark Wright, Wicks said there is usually a bit of time to prepare yourself after hitting “go live”, but unfortunately for him the deed was captured by his microphones and sent out across the UK.

3. Dominic Raab having absolutely no clue what misogyny means

Can you commit misogyny against a man? Apparently, according to the justice secretary, as he told BBC Breakfast: “Insults and misogyny is of course absolutely wrong whether it’s against a man against a woman, or a woman against a man.”

4. Piers Morgan storming off the Good Morning Britain set

Piers Morgan throwing his toys out of the pram and stomping off the GMB set is definitely one of the most memorable TV moments of 2021.

The broadcaster had a tantrum after his colleague Alex Beresford challenged his continuous “trashing” of Meghan Markle following her and Prince Harry’s Oprah interview. The comments Morgan made after the bombshell interview garnered a record 57,793 complaints to Ofcom, but he was later cleared by the regulator.

5. Comedian congratulates wrong This Morning host for coming out as gay

Comedian Barry Humphries, best known for his alter ego Dame Edna Everage, offered his compliments to Dermot O’Leary for his “bravery” in coming out - but he clearly mixed O’Leary up with Phillip Schofield.

Co-host Alison Hammond couldn’t keep it together and broke into fits of giggles, while O’Leary did his best to keep a straight face and earnestly accept Humphries’s well wishes on Schofield’s behalf.

6. Irish presenter’s “oof” moment

Former rugby player turned TV presenter Tommy Bowe earned comparisons to Alan Partridge after interrupting his co-host Clare McKenna as she began to introduce writer Séamas O’Reilly, who was there to promote his memoir.

When she said he had ten siblings, Bowe interjected: “Ten siblings!”, but was left red-faced as McKenna finished her sentence: “Sadly lost their mum”. Realising his mistake, he let out a defeated sigh.

7. Holly and Phil get the giggles

When it comes to presenting, there is arguably no better duo than This Morning’s Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. After interviewing someone who sells fart videos online however, the pair couldn’t keep themselves together and dissolved into a fit of laughter.

8. Miriam Margolyes farts on This Morning set

An increasingly concerning theme on this list, we have another wind-breaking blunder. Miriam Margolyes left Holly and Phil in stitches after letting off an “enormous fart” on the This Morning set. Viewers at home also found it hilarious, with one Twitter user referring to Margolyes as a “tonic”.

9. Lorraine Kelly’s “fluffing” comment

While speaking to Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey, they both joked about how he had makeup applied to his bottom during filming. Lorraine asked if that is what “fluffing” is. Unfortunately for Lorraine, “fluffing” has a very NSFW meaning that is definitely not something you expect to see depicted on daytime telly.

10. Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin’s Freudian slip

Weather presenter Laura Tobin shocked viewers by announcing something in the weather forecast that caught viewers off guard. Instead of describing “sleet and snow”, she instead forecast “slutty, slushy, deposits”. She attempted to repeat the sentence, but appeared to repeat the same word.

11. Graphics glitch during FOX weather segment

FOX 9 meteorologist Jennifer McDermed got caught up in a hilarious technical glitch that made it seem as though she was multiplying. She dealt with it amazingly well, laughing and calling it “funky”. Making the most of it, she sauntered across the screen followed by a long line of other Jennifers.

12. BBC anchor struggling to put on her shoes

Victoria Derbyshire cracked up viewers when she struggled to put on her high heels before presenting the news. Ahead of the 9am bulletin, she was heard saying: “Oh my God” before rushing into the shot. She continued: “Sorry about that delay, good morning,” before introducing the headlines.

Here’s hoping 2022’s telly is just as entertaining as it was this year.

We’re truly living in the golden age of TV, eh?

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