<p>Coca-Cola are messing with their formula (again) and people aren’t happy </p>

Coca-Cola are messing with their formula (again) and people aren’t happy

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Coca-Cola took to Twitter to announce it would be tweaking its Coke Zero recipe and fans aren’t happy.

On Tuesday, the company told its 3.3m followers that Coke Zero will be undergoing a mini makeover. Not only will there be a new can design for the famous drink, but also a new formula. According to the drinks giant, Coke Zero will be “now more delicious.”

When someone asked what they had actually changed, the official account didn’t give too much away. They responded: “Good question! All of the ingredients remain the same, but with a bold new blend of flavors to deliver a great Coke taste. The new packaging is sleek and fresh yet simplified and celebrates the iconic logo.”

While change is often for the better, Coca-Cola fans care to disagree, which the company learned back in 1985. Back then, Coca-Cola thought that a sweetened version of their soft drink would go down a treat with consumers, but boy, were they wrong. The company was faced with heavy backlash - so much so, they were forced to rebrand back to the original.

Someone encouraged the company to have a backup plan to avoid a repeat of 1985’s revamp.

While others highlighted how the constant design adjustments are confusing to consumers.

For some, the battle of the Cokes continues.

While one ‘Twitter detective’ pointed out that the Coke Zero account had mysteriously gone private.

Full distribution is expected in August.

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