Kids in Colorado were asked to name a new snow-plow and one genius suggested ‘Abolish ICE’

Kids in Colorado were asked to name a new snow-plow and one genius suggested ‘Abolish ICE’
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The Colorado Department of Transportation announced the winners of their first ever Name That Plow contest, and some of the entries were genius.

The Department revealed in early May that 1,100 names were submitted by elementary school students across the state. The agency then narrowed down a list of 20 winners, renaming the entire new fleet of plows.

Among the losing names were hits like The Fast and the Flurriest, Lord Coledemort, Plowy McPlowface, Pina Cold-latta, and the genius Abolish ICE, which was submitted by a third grader.

AOC even highlighted the ICE tweet!

Baby Snowda, Jennifer Snopez, Blowcifer, and Kyle Clark’s Sweater were also submitted, to no avail.

The winners, however, were a bit less creative. With the exception of a few like Snowtorious B.I.G., Eisenplower, and Darth Blader, the Colorado Department of Transportation appeared to choose more traditional snowy names, including both Frosty and Jack Frost.

Still, the state is proud of its kids’ ideas for the fleet, with Governor Jared Polis noting that “the creativity of Colorado’s kids shines through in this great group of names and we’re appreciative to all who offered their ideas in this first-ever contest.”

“When these plows and their drivers are hard at work in the years to come,” he continued, “we will all be able to keep track of their efforts on, or check for the name on the door the next time you see a CDOT plow on the road.”

And while it does seem exciting to follow along a snowplow’s journey on the website, it’s the winning children who are in for the real treat. Per the Department’s website, the winners of the contest “will have the opportunity to take a photo with the snowplow that has their winning name on it.” Congratulations!

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